Tips For Transcultural and Transracial Adoptions

Many potential adoptive parents have a certain connection to a particular culture or race. They may feel connected due to personal experiences, travel, or military service spent outside of the United State. Other people just feel the need to help children in need no matter where they may be from. There are a large variety of reasons as to why many people choose to adopt transculturally or transracially.

What Is Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code?

Did you know that Florida utilizes the Criminal Punishment Code (CPC) scoring system to determine the minimum allowable sentence for all felony crimes?

Under the CPC, every felony offense is assigned an Offense Level between 1 and 10, which then carries a point value. Generally the more serious the crime, the higher the offense level.

Fort Myers DUI Defense Strategies

If you've been charged with drunk driving, your driver's license and your way of life are at stake. Don't give up without a fight. Talk to a lawyer who really knows how drunk driving cases are handled in the community in which you've been arrested.

At The Law Offices of Mary Elizabeth Fletcher, our DUI defense lawyers have years of experience protecting the driving privileges of Florida residents, tourists, and commercial truck drivers. We've taken a number of cases to trial as defenders and we've witnessed both sides of a DUI case -- and we put that knowledge to use to protect our clients.

Habitual DUI Offenders In Fort Myers

If you've had a number of previous criminal traffic violations in the past, the state of Florida could be ready to classify you as a "habitual traffic offender." If it does, your life will change -- and drastically. You could even lose your drivers' license for the next five years.